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Cotton cotton market this year, more complex enterprises should pay attention to

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April 2 to 3 days, China Cotton Textile Industry Association four times a fourth member to expand held in Beijing. Analysis of the market situation this year, the China Textile Industry Union vice president Gao Yong remind the business, this year's cotton market situation will be more complex, cotton textile enterprises should always pay attention to changes in the market. China Cotton Textile Industry Association, Zhu North Na at the meeting that the progress despite the lack of international demand, both inside and outside the spread of cotton is huge and rising costs and many other negative factors facing the industry in 2012, but after the joint efforts of the industry, the industry technology to enhance the elimination of outdated equipment significantly speed up the overall smooth operation.

China Cotton Textile Industry Association survey, the cotton textile industry downstream orders, especially orders for printing and dyeing enterprises full 1 to 2 months exports of cotton textiles. In this regard, the China Textile Industry Association vice president Xu Wenying optimistic attitude, he said, despite the uncertainties of 2013 is still a lot of the current situation, the European economy does not pick up, the country's cotton purchasing and storage policy will continue to implement , domestic and international cotton prices are still high, the future textile enterprises pressures are still strong. 2013 overall steady, showing a warming trend, especially in the second half of the year will have a great change in the overall situation.

Wen-Ying Xu pointed out that in the current situation, companies should increase efforts to adjust the product, and take the road of differentiation, functional products, to minimize the amount of cotton, chemical fiber and other non-cotton fiber. It is business transformation and upgrading, a good time to change the mode of growth, should continue to increase the elimination of backward production capacity, improve technology, upgrade equipment and other aspects of efforts.

Zhu North Na in his work report pointed out that, in 2012, the industry faced a lot of difficulties, cotton spinning association the way with enterprises of the industry warning, run the analysis will be new technology promotion activities on structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading efforts work, positive response through a variety of ways to enterprises facing problems and needs, through their own efforts and technology to enhance the elimination of outdated equipment, progress has accelerated markedly, the smooth operation of the industry as a whole. In particular, some excellent enterprises according to the market situation, the rapid adjustment of product structure and business model, improve labor productivity, reduce the costs breakthrough to promote the sustainable development of the whole industry.

Zhu North Nati out the 2013 Cotton Spinners Association's focus is to continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. She said, should strengthen the cotton raw material issues relating to the long-term development of the industry, to the authorities in a timely manner to reflect the practical problems of the industry, and strive to promote the institutional reforms to achieve a breakthrough. In addition, promoting technological progress, strengthen international cooperation and exchange, active service in the corporate side continue their efforts.

At the meeting, the Consumer Product Division of the Trade Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Agriculture Market Information Management Division, Planting Industry Management Department, Foreign Trade Division of the Ministry of Commerce, China Cotton Association, China National Cotton Reserves Corporation, the National Cotton Exchange market and other relevant departments on the cotton issue we are concerned about the current market situation in the cotton spinning industry, the supply and demand of raw materials, industrial restructuring issues and textile enterprises in the discussion.

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